Corporate Governance

Businesses often have internal disputes over the conduct of day-to-day operations or the formation of long-term policy.  They can play out as disputes among board members, shareholders, LLC members, officers and employees.  These disputes may be set against a background of inter-personal or family problems.

Craig Albert advises his business clients with respect to all aspects of internal governance disputes, from creating resolution methods in advance of a dispute to fighting them out if push comes to shove.  If retained by a company, he advises the board as a group as to what its rights, responsibilities and options are when it comes to making decisions.  If retained by an individual, he advises them as to whether a proposed course of action proposed to be taken is sound, and what alternatives are available, consistent with the individual’s own fiduciary duties. 

Craig has guided boards and individual officers through a variety of perilous corporate choices. 

  • He devised a strategy to oust the directors of a nonprofit organization who were at odds with the group’s members
  • He created a strategy to defeat a lender’s effort to take control of a borrower’s board after a loan default
  • He advised an individual director as to how to respond to a dominant shareholder’s misconduct, and formed an alliance to put the strategy into effect
  • He originated a novel strategy to separate two merger partners whose multi-year alliance had proved untenable and one-sided
  • He counseled clients on how to best obtain insurance coverage for claims in business disputes